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Karl Rohlman - Pottery    Karl Rohlman has been a potter for over 25 yrs. His work is on the "whimsical side", largely, but he also creates "Fine Art " pieces such as vases. As of late, Karl has been working with a metalic-Raku / Crackle Glaze, that has taken him 5 years to perfect.

Raku by Kris Golden    Kris Golden is a pottery student of Nada Boner.

Raku by Adam Pennington    Adam is a master potter with a high level of creativity and imagination who creates outstanding effects with his glaze process.


From the Mind of Leigh    New Works from the mind of me, from New Age Designs, Free form, Steam Punk inspired and maybe a touch of DADA. I've turned my imagination loose in clay works sure to evoke some kind of response.



Pottery by Leigh    I am somewhat new to pottery as I have only been hand building for about 3 yrs. In my limited fashion I have developed my own style. I like to build masks,candle lamps and free form vases, and have made some attempts in the what I call DA-DA Nouveau.